All CBD used in Splish blends are third party tested for impurities and THC content. They are derived locally in Colorado from the finest Industrial Hemp available. All CBD are manufactured in small batches using CO2 extraction methods, therefore preserving the overall quality of the oil without introducing any unnatural chemicals to the process.

Each Splish blend contains the appropriate terpenes, which are added to enhance the efficacy of each blend.  Terpenes, in their most basic form are the organic compounds with strong odors and tastes that are derived from plants. They are the building blocks of smell and flavor and the natural defense component of all plants.

For starters, the primary difference between terpenes and essential oils are that essential oils contain terpenes and a variety of other compounds as well. Because Essential Oils are using an entire plant’s extracts, it will contain terpenes and other hydrocarbons. Meanwhile, isolated terpenes are comprised of just themselves and are added to each of the Splish CBD blends to enhance the overall affect of each blend.

This combination makes all Splish products hight effective when treating for inflammation, pain and anxiety.

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